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Industrial Control

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Oil of poor working environment, lightning, earthquake and other man-made destruction occurs, how to well run the data transmitted to the central control room is always a difficult problem. Is already quite mature in the GPRS today, oil can be based on GPRS/GSM network, realizes the automatic meter reading, accurate. Electric control center for plant operation state of power can be monitored through the electronic display screen, each control point electricity state in the form of short messages sent timely to the control center, so it can be automatic, efficient, timely grasp of electric field, automatic generation of power distribution plan, implementation of power marketing and management science. The device overcomes the previous manual meter reading accuracy is low, time-consuming and laborious, lack of disadvantages of centralized and effective management, solve the production of any menace from the "rear".

China mobile wireless IP GPRS system can provide wide-area connections. Construction of oil well data acquisition and transmission system in the GPRS service platform for the mobile communication company, to realize wireless data transmission oil well data can make full use of the existing network, shorten the construction period, lower construction cost advantages, convenient installation, simple maintenance and equipment. Through comparative analysis, we choose GPRS system as the data communication platform for China Mobile environmental information collection and transmission system.
Since the GPRS communication is the IP address of the data packet communication network based on the monitoring center computer, so the need for a fixed IP address or fixed domain, each data acquisition point using GPRS module to access the host through the IP address or domain name, so as to carry out data communication.
Oil field information collection points through the oil controller automatic acquisition well information, RS232 or RS485 interface connected with the GPRS DTU terminal through oil controller, to process the data collected, the agreement package is sent to the GPRS wireless network the data through a built-in embedded processor GPRS DTU terminal.
The server uses the public network to access the Internet, such as ADSL dial / Telecom broadband Internet access, to apply for public IP address etc..

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