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Intellgent Transportation System

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Intelligent transportation is based on a modern electronic information technology services for the transportation system. Its outstanding feature is the information collection, processing and dissemination, exchange, analysis and use of the main line, the diversity of participants for the transportation service.

Intelligent Transportation Systems [(IntelligentTransportationSystem, referred ITS) is the future direction of development of transport system, it is the advanced information technology, data communications transmission technology, electronic sensor technology, control technology and computer technology to effectively integrate the entire ground transportation used the establishment of a management system in a wide range, all-round play, real-time, accurate, and efficient integrated transport management system. ITS can effective use of existing transportation facilities, reduce traffic load and environmental pollution, to ensure traffic safety, improve transport efficiency, and thus, growing national attention. UPCOM switch Gigabit managed switch, low power, high-bandwidth, high temperature, successfully used in some cities trunk road.

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