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Optical Transceivers

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Optical transceiver includes three basic function modules: medium photoelectric conversion chip optical signal interface (optical transceiver module integrated) and electrical interfaces (RJ45), if equipped with network management function, including network management information processing unit
Optical transceiver, Ethernet transceiver, single fiber double launch module, CWDM series optical transceiver, optical transceiver module, integrated is a short twisted-pair electric signals and optical signals over long distances to swap the Ethernet transmission media conversion unit, in many parts of the country also known as the photoelectric converter (FiberConverter) products are generally used in Ethernet cable cant cover optical fiber must be used to extend the transmission distance of actual network environment, and usually located in broadband metropolitan area network access layer application; At the same time help the last kilometer in the fiber optic lines connected to the man and the outer also played a big role in the network
In some of the larger enterprises, network construction directly using optical fiber as transmission medium build backbone network, while internal LAN transmission medium is commonly copper wire, how to realize the local area network (LAN) with fiber optic backbone? Which requires the conversion between different port linear optical fiber and ensure the quality of links to the emergence of optical transceiver, transform twisted-pair electric signals and optical signals to each other, to ensure the smooth transfer packets between two networks, at the same time, it will distance limit 100 metres from the copper wire is expanded to more than network transmission 100 kilometers (single-mode fiber)

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