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(1) How to solve the HD transmission delay in video monitoring?

TVI,CVI,AHD,HD-SDIadopt non compression real time transmission program, which is the best HDsolution in video monitoring for the moment.

(2) How to upgrade video monitoring system to HD monitoring system?

The frameworkfor SD and HD is the same. Only to exchange some relative equipment can weupgrade the SD system to HD system.

(3) How to avoid the compatibility problem between video monitoring HD equipments?

HD equipment comply touniform mature HD standard, which can be used once it is connected. So therewill be no compatibility problem occurring.

(4) How to cut down the workload for the installation, debugging, maintenance and training of video monitoring HD system?

HD equipment complyto uniform mature HD standard, and can be used once it is connected. which cutdown the workload for the installation, debugging, maintenance and training.

(5) Is there any better video monitoring HD solution in the market?

HD system avoids some fatal weakness of existingIP HD system, such as problems like system delay, image resolution, systemstability, safety, compatibility and so on. Its stands for the developing trendof the whole industry and the biggest competitor in IP HD system.

(6) Is the whole set of HD products mature in the market? Is the cost acceptable?

With thedevelopment of market for HD products, HD products have now achieved productseriation, market sales system completion and important project application.The cost for HD products has been cut down substantially, and the competitionwill become more and more fierce with the increase of market application.

(7) How to solve the problem of short distance for POE switch in networking?

Normalnetworking transmission distance is no more than 100m, which makes it not soconvenient in actual project application. While UPCOM adopt long distancetransmission Ethernet power supply technology to extend POE transmissiondistance, and adopt optical communication technology to extend uplink porttransmission distance. The transmission distance for traditional POE switchwith network port is 100m, while the transmission distance for UPCOM HD used POEswitch is 150m(100M bandwidth), and the transmission distance for uplinkoptical port is more than 20km. UPCOM also sell POE extender series products,which adopt passive relay regeneration technology and enrich the application ofPOE switch networking.

(8) There are so many kinds of POE switch in the market, how can we distinguish quality ones from fake ones?

There are manycompany make great benefits by selling fake POE switch in high price. UPCOM hasmore than 5 years’ experience in this industry, and adopt internationalstandard intelligent energy efficiency classification technology, which supportIEEE802.3af and IEEE802.3at standard separately. The most basic way todistinguish is to use avometer to test if the networking line pair for electricenergy transmission is with 48V voltage. True POE switch can't test 48Vvoltage, while fake POE switch can test out differential pressure. Fake POEswitch will do great harm to customers. It will burnout networking equipment,and what’s worse, it can cause circuit shot which will results fire.

(9) In actual project application, if we choose Ethernet power supply function, then only a POE switch cant meet our needs in projects. How should we solve this problem?

Limited kindsof POE products make the networking inconvenient. While there are many types ofPOE series products in UPCOM. Based on function, there are POE switch, POEsplitter, POE splitter line, POE extender, POE injector, POE fiber transceiver,and POE fiber switch. Based on port, there are single port, 4 ports, 8 ports,16 ports, and 24 ports. Based on bandwidth, there are 100M, 1000M, and total1000M. Based on other classification, there are web managed and unmanaged,industrial used and home used, IEEE802.3af standard, IEEE802.3at standard andsuper high power standard. With so many types of POE products, it enrichesprojector’s choice in networking and make it much easy.

(10) How is the compatibility of POE switch products in million HD monitoring projects and PD IP camera?

Some IP camerafactory adopt personalized design, which results in some problem incompatibility. All of UPCOM POE series products adopt international standarddesign, totally meet IEEE802.3af and IEEE802.3at standard design request, so inprinciple, our POE switch products are compatible with all internationalstandard IP camera. In early stage, some IP camera factory adopt personalizedpower receiving design, and some abnormal phenomena occurs. In order to make UPCOMbrand POE switch serve customers better, UPCMO R&D team tested thecompatibility of our POE switch with 26 oversea brand POE IP camera factory and193 national brand POE IP camera factory, and optimized the compatibility of UPCOMbrand POE switch in details. This makes our POE switch generally meet thecompatibility request with IP camera for projectors.

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